New Publication in Machine Vision and Applications

In this paper, we present an anatomically accurate generic wireframe face model and an efficient customization method for modeling human faces. We use a single 2D image for customization of the generic model. We employ perspective projection to estimate 3D coordinates of the 2D facial landmarks in the image. The non-landmark vertices of the 3D model are shifted using the translations of k nearest landmark vertices, inversely weighted by the square of their distances. We demonstrate on Photoface and Bosphorus 3D face data sets that the proposed method achieves substantially low relative error values with modest time complexity.

H.P. Abeysundera, K.S. Benli, and M.T. Eskil, “Nearest neighbor weighted average customization for modeling faces,” Mach. Vis. Appl., vol. 24, no. 7, pp. 1525-1537, 2013.